Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 14-15 Blog

I know that my school is not equipped to handle any of these scenarios. I believe that most schools are not equipped to handle these HUGE technology and curriculum changes. The last two schools that I worked at (K-8) were definitely not equipped. Each school has one computer lab that is usually occupied most of the time by students taking one standardized test or another. There just simply is never enough technology available at my school to offer courses online. This has not been an issue thus far because, no parent or student has ever asked for this option, probably because they do not realize that this service must be given if requested.

I do not think that these changes will happen rapidly, at least in the urban areas that I've worked. I believe that more and more technology integration will continue to occur but probably not as fast as it should. If a student were to ask for a class that was completely online, my school would absolutely not be ready to provide. 

I am not sure that my school is doing much about ensuring that online courses are available to students, however, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we are building a high school in 2016 and they will definitely need to get moving on this. Ideally, we would have several computer labs and technology carts available to the students as well as several classes offered in a variety of subjects. 

It is extremely important to stay ahead of the curve, unfortunately, many schools do not have the resources available to do this.